Welcome to Krystle Clear Life! I hope you are having an awesome day. Perhaps I can help give you some encouragement and clarity💕

Hi! My name is Krystle. I am a lover of all things bright and colorful, active listening and travel. We are a team-let’s learn from each other!

Let’s Talk…

Chains of Judgment

Are you letting other people hold you back from living your best life? I remember holding my dad’s hand and asking him on his deathbed was there anything he wished he would have done. He didn’t say anything about pleasing other people during his life. Ask yourself, why are you worrying about what others think… Continue reading Chains of Judgment


I recently had family over in my home for the first time in awhile due to the pandemic. It felt good to cook a meal for them and to safely gather. I was beyond grateful for this moment. When it was over I sat and reflected how I have taken for granted gatherings like this… Continue reading Thankfulness


Is it just me or have we become hung up on numbers? The number on the scale, the number (size) of the dress/pants, the number of calories in a donut, the magic number (age) a person “should”, be to get married, have had children, buy a home, finish school, have the dream job, the number… Continue reading Numbers

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Rather Listen than Read?

I’ve turned my dreams into my vision and my vision into my reality. I hope I can share content that inspires and encourages you to find your own passion. I have a life that I love and I want to help others create the same for themselves!

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