Happy in the Now

What you tell yourself, the inner conversations you have with yourself and what you allow to happen around you is very important. For me it has been very liberating to be able to set boundaries. It may be hard to admit, but whatever you are not changing you are choosing — Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/krystleclear247/support
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We have all told ourselves before, “I will be happy when….”. You know the times you’ve told yourself, when I get a new job I’ll be happy, when my child graduates high school and goes to college I’ll find time for me and I’ll be happy, when I can afford the car I want I’ll be happy, when I can fit into that dress I love I’ll be happy and the list goes on. Sometimes we do this out of habit and other times almost out of necessity to help ourselves through a bad day or time in our life.

Focusing on the, “future”, happy is ok as long as we are also, happy in the NOW too. What if things don’t go as planned or life throws us a curve ball and life doesn’t allow us all the things we attached to our conditions to be happy? Too much emphasis being put on all the future things we feel like we need to have, achieve or buy to be happy is really setting ourselves up to be miserable.

A simple google search will show you that stress is really taking it’s toll on people, their jobs,relationships and daily life. Why add more stress to yourself by putting yourself down about what you don’t yet have? Focusing on the good things you have now and how awesome you are doing right now might be hard at first, but with a little practice it becomes second nature.

What are three things that come to your mind that you are happy for/about right now? Don’t over think the question and you can even jot them down if you want. These three things most likely are something that make you happy, feel accomplished or content. Maybe it’s a position you’ve worked hard to have at your job, maybe it’s getting your child or pet to learn a certain skill, maybe it’s your home or a milestone with your health. What ever it is let yourself focus on these three things for a minute and allow yourself to feel good about having them. These are great achievements!

Don’t allow yourself to feel lost like you are living life on a day-to-day basis. Allow yourself to be happy in the now. Savor and enjoy all the beautiful things around you! Life is hard and you deserve to be happy in life and with yourself. Won’t you let yourself be happy in the now today? You’ve got this!

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