A Garden of Love Grows Here…

I am sure you have heard the verse or term, “you reap what you sow”, which basically teaches that people will get back what they are putting out or giving. This is one of my favorite teachings! For me I have always related it to gardening or farming.

When planning a garden good soil, adequate water and sun are all factors that must be considered. These essentially good ingredients must be present for successful seed growth. Like gardening we too can sow seeds (both good and bad) and our decisions, actions and behaviors can result in success or consequences. This is not to say that bad things don’t happen to good people.

If you do not already know it being kind to someone else feels good! Personally, if I have been having an off day myself I have found that by smiling, opening/holding a door, letting someone in front of me or doing a small gesture of kindness for others made my day change for the better. I understand, some people are uncomfortable with giving others complements or talking to strangers and that is OK. It does not take a lot of effort though to kindly smile at another person, open/hold a door for them or let them into traffic. Little gestures of kindness are so important because if each person does their part we can fill the world with love.

Not everyone is going to be receptive of your kindness and that is OK too. Being kind is a choice and you are doing it for yourself. Think of being kind as love in action. What kind of, “seeds”, are you planting? Being kind, showing patience, being loving and inclusive to others all count as planting seeds of good.

What if that one kind remark, smile or gesture prevented another person from being negative towards others, or even on a larger scale prevent them from harming someone or themselves? This is why loving your neighbor, reflecting love and kindness towards everyone, loving yourself and refraining from judgment of others is so important . You never know exactly what another person is going through and how much they may need your kindness. Today can be just one day or it can be day one in your choice to sow kindness!

What you tell yourself, the inner conversations you have with yourself and what you allow to happen around you is very important. For me it has been very liberating to be able to set boundaries. It may be hard to admit, but whatever you are not changing you are choosing — Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/krystleclear247/support
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