Before the world told you who to be…

When I was a teenager I started competing in beauty pageants for scholarship money. There is always a time during a pageant weekend for rehearsals. During this time contestants practice and most also, see the competition for the first time. A lot of contestants find themselves feeling inadequate in certain ways after seeing the competition. Contestants sometimes start to doubt themselves and their capabilities. These little seeds of doubt caused by comparison cause many contestants to loose their focus and make mistakes that cost them the crown.

For me I’ve competed regionally, nationally and internationally in pageants brining home multiple crowns. I wasn’t always the most beautiful, smartest or talented women on stage, but I beamed confidence. Judges loved my down to Earth attitude and my girl next door look. I knew what only I had to offer and I wasn’t over polished or fake.

Real life isn’t a beauty pageant but, comparing yourself and competing with others can not only make you bitter, but it can also, change you as a person. If you haven’t learned to accept it yet, YOU are unique and have certain gifts and talents that are yours to mold and use. The world doesn’t need a planet full of people that all look and think a like. The world needs you and that little sparkle that makes you special.

Everyone is unique and has different talents and strengths. Figure out what it is that you do best, what you’re passionate about and give it your all. If you need help don’t be afraid to reach out and work with someone that’s trained to help you bring out the best in you. Remember, there are no limits to competing with yourself and the best part is you’ll never lose. As a tip try to only compare yourself to who you were yesterday. Measuring your own success based on the successes of others is only setting yourself up for grief and failure.

Do not distract yourself from your own goals by worrying about the achievements of those around you. Strive to work towards your goals and to only be concerned with your own growth. The sooner you realize that you were born with a unique purpose and to channel all your energy into it the happier you’ll be. Stop comparing yourself to others because the results you are looking for lay only in your own hard work and dedication. If you can’t remember who you were…let me help you figure it out!

What you tell yourself, the inner conversations you have with yourself and what you allow to happen around you is very important. For me it has been very liberating to be able to set boundaries. It may be hard to admit, but whatever you are not changing you are choosing — Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/krystleclear247/support
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