Sunday Scaries

Sometimes starting a new week can be scary. For those with anxiety it can be especially challenging to think about what the new upcoming week can bring. There are ways to help deal with these worries though.

Instead of spending Sunday evening dreading the new week approaching or going back to work on Monday try focusing on the good that the new week can bring. I have attached a printable example of some thoughtful prompts to reflect on each day of the new week. I have found that looking at the possibility of the positives to come in the new week is very calming.

Sometimes writing positive prompts on each new day in your planner can be helpful too. Prompts like, “my new week goals”, “what made me smile today” and “what I was thankful for today”, can help direct your mind onto more positive thoughts each day. Don’t let the Sunday Scaries get you down! I hope you all have an amazing week.

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