You’ll Never Regret Being Kind

Growing up my daddy used to say to me to not get too far ahead of myself. If a person thought they were getting two steps ahead something could easily come along and knock them two steps back. Sometimes when we get that flying high, everything is going good feeling we tend to get a little careless or maybe it’s we let our guard down.

I’m not sure exactly what happens, but I know whenever I start relishing on the feeling of everything going good it seems the old devil rears his head up and smack something bad come along. This has happened to me so many times in my life I actually started to get a bit anxious about things when it seemed everything is going good.

I had to remedy this anxiety though and remind myself that life is about change and that everything in life isn’t going to be all good or bad. Life is a mix of experiences and the important part is how we deal with highs and lows. There is always going to be that negative person for example and their negativity alone can be enough to put a cog in your happiness.

Bad things are going to happen, some we will bring upon ourselves and others will come out of nowhere. Learning to deal with the negativity though is essential to having a happy life. We all have bad days, weeks or sometimes months. Yet, we can’t get too ahead of ourselves anxiously awaiting what could happen next. Don’t sabotage your own happiness.

When you feel overwhelmed remember it is ok to take a break! It’s ok to reach out for support if you need it too. Take time out and relax instead of letting the stress get to you. Find a positive outlet and remember to rest. We must not get overwhelmed, but instead live in the now and try to focus on whatever positives we do have. You can regret a lot of things, but you’ll never regret being kind-even if it’s to yourself 💕

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